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"A complete customized solution"

NetReps® - CRM solution

SaaS CLM online offline pour l’industrie de la santé (organiser, intéragir, analyser) – visual aids – edetailing – marketing digital - formation

Simple, Reliable, Efficient


Offer your company an easy-to-use CRM solution, gain efficiency and improve your performance!

  • Agenda / Planning / Reporting (Medical Call, Hospital Call, Orders, PR…)
  • Client’s action plans / Profiling / Targeting
  • Database management: external/internal – HCP / institutions – Sales / Prescriptions

Since key indicators are crucial, NetReps® facilitates activity monitoring by offering a simple and tailored interface.

  • Monitoring of each representative activity to help them in their daily work.
  • Analysis of performance in terms of sales and customized key indicators / Coverage / ROI
  • Cross- analyses with internal and external prescription data in order to get a larger sales-performance overview

Perfect solution for sales organization and decision-making, Netreps® is indeed the must-have CRM solution.

  • Cross data analysis using charts
  • Alerts/warnings rapidly offering reliable indicators for efficient decision-making
  • Integrated Business Intelligence tool

Trust them…!

Users say it! « At last a CRM software dedicated to our job[…] I use it every day on the field and at home […] I couldn’t do without my indicators anymore […] I improved my commercial performance » (Medical Representative, user since 2010).

Smart Content® - CLM solution

SaaS CLM online offline pour l’industrie de la santé (organiser, intéragir, analyser) – visual aids – edetailing – marketing digital - formation

Simple, Intuitive, Efficient


Take advantage of a simple back office platform, enabling anybody (you and/or your partners) to create, manage and implement your marketing/sales aids

  • Integration of your animated and interactive marketing content (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, images, videos, PDF, PPT,…)
  • Creation of your digital presentations regardless of the device used by your company
  • Management of users rights and permissions

Make your sales aids dynamic, customize your content and engage your clients and prospects

  • Use of interactive aids to make a real business impact (digital sales aids, dedicated micro websites, multichannel communication)
  • Customized training tools (polls, opinion surveys, questionnaires, quizzes…)
  • Innovative aid during congresses, conventions, VIP events

Smart Content® offers to marketing and sales departments a very powerful BI tool to enforce knowledge of your clients and prospects

  • Qualitative analyses: behavioral data, prescriptions data, patient population characteristics…
  • Quantitative analyses: utilization data, polls, surveys…
  • Cross-analyses: unique key indicators at your disposal for a more efficient medical promotion

Trust them…!

Users say it « Smart Content® is a supportive tool that reinforces our credibility in front of Healthcare Professionals thanks to the numerous functionalities offered through an intuitive interface. » (Medical Representative, user since 2012).

NetReps® & Smart Content®

NetReps® & Smart Content®

CRM data enables a customized medical communication/promotion according to segmentation and targeting criteria


Information collected by the CLM software contributes to a better understanding of targets and makes the reporting easier thanks to pre-filled reports

Benefits: An improved sales efficiency

Since every healthcare professional is unique, the combination of both CRM and CLM allows a customized and personalized communication.

  • A better understanding of the environment and needs of each Healthcare professional
  • A more detailed segmentation of prospects and clients
  • Marketing contents are improved and adapted continuously

Euris - CRM & CLM for Life Sciences


  • SaaS solutions developer dedicated to the health care industry since 2000
  • Employees dedicated to solving their clients needs
  • Clients in various therapeutic areas and expertise (medicine, dermatology, devices, generics…)


  • An experienced consultant to supervise each project
  • A project manager dedicated to each project
  • A solid network of partners to face every possible issue
  • Guarantee of successful projects : “your project is our objective”


  • Differentiated technologies support our dedicated software
  • Use of standard web languages (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) for a perfect scalability and modularity
  • Multi-device solutions (iPad, Windows 8 tablets, Android tablets, smartphones…)
  • A single on & offline interface


  • Experience in over 20 countries
  • A global distribution network
  • Multilingual solutions
  • Multicultural teams

Sample of business cases


In the field of global cosmetic, client A wanted to provide its sales force with performance CRM and CLM tools in order to ensure its competitiveness and to offer its targets an innovative communication approach. Employees in the field were equipped with NetReps® and use Smart Content® in their everyday calls.

The implementation deadline was tight (3 months), and included the integration of the company’s internal files, contents made by its agencies and the users’ accounts configuration. The software suite is fully utilized and is considered as simple, intuitive and efficient. Users stress the coherence between CRM and CLM approach contributing to strengthening their sales efficiency.


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  • Euris Nestlé Cloud CRM CLM online offline visual aids Quiz Questionnaire
  • Euris Besins Cloud CRM CLM online offline visual aids Quiz Questionnaire
  • Euris La Roche-Posay Cloud CRM CLM online offline visual aids Quiz Questionnaire
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  • IMS China

    Intelligence Applied
    IMS is the world’s leading information services company in the healthcare industry, covering markets in over 135 countries in the world. IMS China distributes Euris CRM and CLM solutions on the Chinese market. Euris and IMS propose an offer combining services and technology in order to meet business needs in China.
  • Netplus

    Cloud Health & Advanced SaaS Provider
    Netplus assists software editors and companies towards the SaaS model, through a French secured cloud-based network. The quality of service and security level of Netplus (BCP dual site synchronous replications, continuity of service SLA 99.9%, operating 24/7) is certified by the attribution of a certification for Personal Health Data Hosting delivered by the French Ministry of Health.
  • LinkUp

    Consulting agency specialized in buy-in strategies
    LinkUp uses its methods and expertise with a simple goal: make brands, companies or institutions for which it works likeable, and the same goes for the behaviors it has to promote. What is at stake? Creating a new and sustainable interest from its clients’ targets.
  • iDigital

    Smart Content Anywhere
    iDigital is a communication and digital marketing software editor intended for sales forces, trainings and events. The company assists its key accounts clients in providing them with solutions that can be used for Top-Executive conventions, major events, and collective intelligence workshops.
  • Econocom

    Mobility On Demand
    Econocom is a European provider of business-to-business digital services with complementary expertise (distribution, renting, IT and telecom services). Euris partners with Econocom for the renting and management of hardware fleets.
  • Résonance4

    Good Communication leads to satisfaction!
    Résonance4 is an expert in training people to communication and management skills. The company offers trainings enabling the acquisition of knowledge in personal relations and work-related situations. Euris partners with Résonance4 for sales techniques trainings.
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